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With an exceptional test pass record, reach your goals quicker & potentially

save yourself hundreds of £££££

Standard prices

1 hr lesson       £35*

1.5 hr lesson    £53

100 mins (1.66hrs) £55

2 hr lesson       £65

2.25 hrs (Herne Bay) £73

* area limitations apply

Block times

10 hrs  £310

20 hrs  £615

30 hrs  £895

Intensive courses

Semi intensive (over 4 weeks)               

25 hrs £825                                              30 hrs £980

Full intensive (over 1-2 weeks)             

25 hrs £870                                              30 hrs £1035

 Other times available upon request


Even if you prefer regular weekly lessons I can easily adapt my tuition style for those who are willing to be pushed to cut down lesson time. 

When comparing prices ….

Jo Bloggs is what can be described as a typical  pupil.. he has a typical chance of passing his test because he chooses a local

driving school producing typical  results. It’s neither a bad driving school, neither does it excel. Joe statistically

has less than 50/50 chance of passing his test if he performs exactly at  the  National average. (2019 National Pass Rate = 46.7% and as low as 42% for some local test centres). With a greater chance of failing the Driving Test Jo will have to pay typically around £250 for every future attempt until he passes… the DVSA & Driving School Test Fees as well as the need to keep lessons going.


In comparison

Driving Ambition provides teaching methods that has provided  exceptionally high pass rates and  for the mainstay of 2019 has been almost double the National Average. It can easily say that you are more likely to pass the driving test and for over half of the year every single pupil passed the driving test at their 1st attempt. The advantages are obvious for a typical Driving Ambition pupil..


  • Reach your goals much quicker

  • And save yourself potentially hundreds of pounds


When comparing please remember..

Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.

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