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Are you contemplating becoming a Driving Instructor?


Are you a Potential Driving Instructor and looking to join an ambitious & upcoming driving school?

Are you currently an Approved Driving Instructor and looking to make a change?


In an incredibly quick period of time Driving Ambition has grown enormously in operation & reputation, becoming increasingly the 1st choice supplier in its operating areas . Demand has totally outgrown supply & the waiting list to start has become longer & longer. Business is booming and there is no better time to join with so much work available . We are keen to keep growing but only if this growth maintains or indeed strengthens our core principles of professional, customer orientated & client centred learning. If you think you are a likeminded person & would like to be part of this success story then please contact us for an initial confidential conversation looking at all the options available.




I gave up a successful & well-paid career becoming a driving instructor. Wanted to be my own boss, wanted to have my own business, wanted to work the hours I wanted to work and wanted a decent return for a hard days work. Did I get all these things? Yes absolutely and whilst the road was bumpy at times, and things came up which I didn’t originally forsee, I can confidently say that I believe I have the best job in the world. The buzz you receive when you see a pupil succeed through hardwork & resilience, the bounce in their step, the smile on their face, the eureka moment as they finally work it out and you know you played a massive part in that new-found confidence. The gaining of a driving license changes the pupils life….it gives them social mobility to develop & mature as people, it broadens their horizons & experiences, it often gains them jobs & career progression and most importantly you are installing the values & beliefs to keep them safe on the UK roads for the years ahead. You are not just a Driving Instructor, you often a confidant, a councillor, a mentor & a life coach.   


OK, it may not be the best job in the world for everyone I know, but it ain’t a bad one. You won’t get rich that’s for sure, but you get a decent salary, more if you are prepared to put the hours in. I made the right career choice but if you are thinking about taking the same journey as me, feel free to give me a call from a personal point of view and Driving Ambition can assist you every step of the way talking you through the DVSA’s 3 Staged Qualification process and facilitate the training if necessary and once qualified as an ADI (A DVSA Approved Driving Instructor) we will guarantee you the position of a Business Associate Driving Instructor here at Driving Ambition.




Having the opportunity to join Driving Ambition either as an ADI or a PDI a  Business Associate is the perfect mix of having a greater say in the running of your own business and being in charge of your own destiny but with all the support that you would expect operating under the Driving Ambition name.

From previous personal experiences we are keen to avoid charging the traditional franchise fee that many driving schools operate. We believe it is expensive for our instructors and there is always the continuing debate whether they offer true value for money, especially if you require less pupil support from the Driving School or if the Driving School simply isn't able to give you that support through broken promises. 

So how do we do this...

We operate a "finders fee" that the pupil pays to us.

How that works is; the first 2 hour payment, of any pupil we give you, is paid to us, direct by the pupil. All further payments from the pupil goes to you directly, with no further cost being incurred from the driving school.

Therefore as time goes on and you get more pupils coming to you directly, the less pupils you will need from us, so the less you pay. There may be periods where you have a full order book and therefore there will be zero cost from Driving Ambition. This is unlike a typical franchise where you have to continue to pay your weekly fee regardless. 


Common sense will be applied to our unique way of operating:

First and foremost the total costs of the finders fee paid will be capped to a maximum annual amount of £3500 giving you piece of mind. And secondly the finders fee will be adjusted to a minimum amount of £5 per hour where a pupil only needs a few lessons.  

Further support to our Business Associates Include:-​

  •  If any instructor introduces another instructor or potential instructor to the driving school, they will receive £5 of any finders fee that we receive for passing on a new pupil to that instructor.

  • ​Your own custom designed webpage, an entry on google my business and free promotional videos that can be used on social media supplied for each Business Associate.​

  • Each associate determining the pricing of his or her services as well as knowing that unlike some budget driving schools, Business Associates will not be asked to subsidise low priced introductory offers.

  • Complete flexibility to the days and hours worked.


  • The provision of a Driving Ambition Roof Box as well as car livery, corporate clothing, business cards etc

  • Access to the Total Drive App which handles pupil enquiries, lesson planning, progress reports as well as recording the finances for each Associate.

  • Further support such as CPD, business support in helping each Associate run their business and comradery which is missing from going it alone.​

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