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  • Liaise with you instructor before booking a practical driving test

It is always beneficial to liaise with your instructor on when to book a driving test up. If a pupil books a test up with no communication with the instructor then he or she does this without knowing his availability and therefore prevents the situation of the instructor not being able to carry out the test or do the necessary test preparation in time. Equally the instructor will have a better knowledge when the pupil is likely to be test ready.

The better option is to let the instructor to book the test up on your behalf. No additional charge over the DVSA test fee will be applied but of course will need to be reimbursed. The advantage of the instructor booking the test is that he can swap dates (with the pupil’s full agreement) with other pupils dependent upon progress as well as other driving instructors.

Test cancellation apps have become popular due to the extended waiting times for test dates & the instructor will do everything he can to accommodate. However there is a risk of seeking late minute cancellations that the instructor is unable to carry this out & he has no obligation to carry these out if it clashes with existing commitments or if he thinks the pupil is not test ready. Please regularly ask the instructor for dates that he is unable to service a late cancellation.

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