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As part of your learning journey Driving Ambition will cover a comprehensive range of learning objectives to give each pupil confidence in gaining the skills necessary to uphold the principles of safe driving for life. More so it follows the principles of pupil centred learning giving each pupil the opportunity to decide which of the following topics they would like to work on at each & every lesson. Together with the Instructor they can reflect on their performance in assessing their performance and what skills, if necessary, they can further improve on centred around each topic. It is vital that you as a learner driver understands & accepts the benefits of taking a more active role in your learning where you take more control with the support of your instructor.  The following link provides further details on this active learning approach so that you will know what to expect for each driving lesson. A further link for your parents too.

The following comprehensive list covers a multitude of skills, road types & situations that I believe is necessary to be covered not only to get you to the standards of the UK Driving Test but also to ensure that you have many years of safe & confident driving ahead of you.

Before each lesson ask yourself what areas you would like to cover and how would you rate your current driving standards to the following scoring criteria.

Introduced topic / finding it difficult        1 

Practiced with talk through                       2 

Practiced with prompts                             3 

Achieved on own                                       4 

Independent driving                                  5 

Before driving off
Cockpit drill
Engine start

Starting off

Moving off & stopping

Moving off at an angle

Learning the Controls of the Car

Use of gas

Use of footbrake

Use of clutch

Use of handbrake

Use of gears (moving up)

Use of gears (moving down)


Use of signals (when,which type & timing)



Left turn

Right turn 

Right turn on bend 


T junctions 

Open T junctions

Closed T Junctions

Unmarked & Stop Junctions

Emerging busy T Junctions

One way streets

Y Junctions



Main Roundabouts

Mini Roundabouts

Multi-lane Roundabouts

Busy Roundabouts... reading safe gaps


Hill start up

Emergency stop

Reversing in a straight line

Pull up on right hand side

Turn in road (not on current driving test)

Front bay parking

Reverse bay parking

The Reverse Park (Parallel Park)


Sat Nav Driving

Independant Driving

Basic skills

Use of mirrors

Road position

Passing parked vehicles and clearance

Meeting traffic

Pedestrian crossings

Traffic lights

Traffic lanes

Use of speed & making progress

Safe separation gaps

Advanced Skills


Awareness of other road users


Defensive driving

Practical driving test preparation

Test route preparation

Mock Tests

Show me / Tell Me questons incl. ancilliary controls

Faster roads

Country Lanes

National speed limit roads

Dual carriageways


Motorways (optional)

After a Test Pass (optional)

Confidence to Drive on Busy Motorways

Advanced Driving Skills

Familiarisation with your own car

Insurance Advice

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