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  • last minute lesson cancellations are chargeable in full.


Lesson cancellations by either party do occur where something unexpected arises.


The instructor may need to cancel a lesson from time to time, whether thru sickness, car maintenance issues or perhaps to carry out a driving test for another pupil. He will endeavour to keep this to a minimum as he realises regular lessons are necessary but he will offer a soonest alternative. Irrespective the pupil will never be charged.


The pupil may wish to cancel a lesson but any cancellations that cannot be reallocated to another pupil represents a loss of income to the instructor due to no fault of his own. Therefore there is a strict policy of all cancellations with less than 48 hrs notice, irrespective of reason, are to be paid by the pupil.

The instructor will waive this charge if another pupil can be found to fill the slot.

  • lesson no shows & shortened lesson time with a lack of adequate notice will be charged in full

This is when a pupil is not present at the originally agreed date/time/location & will be treated exactly as last minute cancellations ie they are chargeable in full. If this happens the instructor will contact the pupil via a sms message to say that he has arrived. If the pupil doesn’t turn up after 15 minutes the instructor will then abort the lesson with a further message being sent confirming the situation and also asking the pupil to make contact. Similarly if a pupil wishes to cut short their lesson time then the same 48 hr notice is needed to enable the instructor to reallocate the remaining time otherwise the full originally agreed lesson time will be charged.


Naturally if the instructor decides to cut a lesson time short of the originally agreed time then the pupil will only be charged for the actual time of the lesson

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