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Pass rates of the practical driving test remain stubbornly low and statistically the most likeliest outcome of every driving test is unfortunately test failure leading to a long wait and further costs to any pupil having to resit. There are many reasons for a test failure but high on the list are candidates who simply have a lack of knowledge of the standards necessary, possibly because they have been taught by a family member or friend or simply they have no idea of what to expect on their test and arrive totally unprepared. 


More so, the DVSA are actively encouraging  candidates who are planning to do a driving test to undertake a mock driving test to better your chances in passing.


In which case you may wish to consider undertaking a Mock Driving test by Driving Ambition, a DVSA fully approved and registered driving school.  It is a practice driving test in an similar environment to the actual test, helping you to pass on the first attempt. It has been created to give learner drivers a taste of what to expect on test day. 

A Mock Driving Test can help to iron out any last minute gaps in your driving knowledge, as well as combat test nerves. It can help you to feel more in control during your practical exam as you know what to expect. It will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of your driving strengths and weaknesses so you know which areas to focus on before the big day. 

Mock tests can increase your chances of passing by 70% 

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